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..yes, the asian makes icons

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xD Word, Molly.

Hello, I'm bluesyuy and welcome to my icon journal! =)
All right, so, I don't make the best icons in the world, so don't expect some elite icons here. ^^; So, don't whine to me and tell me that my icons suck. [I know this, but you don't have to rub it in. ;_;]
Rules? All I have to say is that if you're gonna take anything here, please comment and credit me. I'd really appreciate it. =) If you try to steal anything or try to pass anything as yours, I will hunt you down. >D So please, for your sake, just COMMENT and CREDIT ME. Ish not that hard to put my username right next to the picture in your keywords! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, ask me and I shall help you! ^^;
Oh yes, and requests.. If you ask me, I will most likely accept. [Lucky you!] All I ask is that you provide me with an image and the details [effects, text, etc].
Well, that was painless, ne? Hope I haven't scared anybody away. xD Anyways, enjoy your stay!

PS. Oh, and if you're curious as to what program I use, I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Animation Shop 3. =)

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